Are You Spraying the Perfume Wrong? Look for 5 Common Mistakes

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Are You Spraying the Perfume Wrong? Look for 5 Common Mistakes

There are moments when you pick someone’s scent and it makes you turn your head around. It gets you to wonder why aren’t you able to carry the fragrances similarly.  Well, the problem is that most people think applying perfume is quite easy. What they don’t know is that wearing a scent is an art.

Here are some things that people do completely wrong and fail in having the right chemistry with the perfume spray:

Applying Perfume Wrongly

The scents and nodes of perfume need your body heat to be activated properly. It needs to be adequately dabbed on the pressure points like your neck, inner wrist, chest, behind the ears, and collar bone to intensify the fragrance.

Spraying Perfume on Clothes

Perfume applied on your clothes won’t make the perfume last longer. In fact, it would make it vaporize quickly. Also, perfumes sprayed on the clothes leaves mark on them, making your dress look quite messy and unattractive.

Getting Your Skin Wet

It is quite common among the masses to get skin wet with perfume. But doing it is wrong. The ideal distance you should maintain while spraying perfume on your body is 5-7 inches. Then again, if you hold it too far away from your body, you can end up wasting a lot of perfume.

Spraying Lot of Perfume

Excess is never good with anything. A little amount is enough to cast a good impact. Spattering too much perfume would cause discomfort for others and even cause a headache.

Making Up the Mind Quick

Your body must react well to the applied perfume. Don’t rush while testing any scent. Give it a few hours and check if the smell still prevails and make sure that it isn’t reacting negatively to your skin.

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