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It stood high,strong and everlasting.A magnificent tower of support, held together by the noble.As time rhythmically passes, the tower would stand,strong and eager and forever abiding.
• Notes: Fresh notes, spicy Accords, Amber and Rose Style: Evergreen, Classy and Solid.
• Alcohol-Free, made from natural fragrance oils and extracts.The beautiful design of the bottle and the delicate outer packaging creates a picture of serenity and modernity.
• Apply a small drop of the perfume to your inner wrists, along your jawline, behind your earlobes, into the tips of your beard (If you wear one.) or the ends of your hair.
• The sillage often does not start immediately and is overwhelming, but do not let yourself be tempted to use more oil quickly, but rather wait and see. Perfume oils often gain strength when warmed by your skin and movements. You can always “top up” the perfume a little, but weakening the fragrance afterwards if you have used too much is quite difficult.


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